2016 Olympics in Brasilia

Last weekend I traveled to Brasilia with a couple of friends and my girlfriend. We planned to watch the quarters of final masculine soccer Olympic match. 

When we bought we had no idea what teams would play. In the end we were very lucky to end up with Portugal vs Germany and a nice 4x0 for Deutschland. The last Eurocup winner vs. the last World Cup winner. Even though the teams are not the same the match is exciting anyway. 

I was supporting Germany as I usually go against the crowd, because I studied 7 years in a german school (longer than I lived in Portugal) and because I want to watch Brazil vs Germany in the finals. 


Iphone 6SE + VSCOcam

As some of you know Brasilia is also the capital of Brazil and was planned in the 50's by Juscellino Kubischeck and has most of the notorious buildings created by Oscar Niemeyer, with the gardens and open areas designed by Burle Marx and the Urbanist concept by Lucio Costa. So it's important to say that the idea behind the city is the combination of these three minds and other influences like the ideas of the French Architect Le Corbusier. 


Brasilia seen from the TV Tower

Fujifilm XE-1 + 35mm f1.4

The Stadium where we watched the game is the fairly new Mane Garrincha, which was built to the 2014 World Cup and although beautiful its construction is part of our insatisfaction with the politics and politicians in Brazil. Why build such stadium, with was extremely overpriced and involved in corruption scandals, when we have so much to invest in basic health, education and infrastructure?

Inside the Stadium

In the end, even with all the problems we face lots of people end up forgetting the problems and going to the stadium and watching the Olympics. 

The Stadium was half full, certainly with more people than the average event, as most of the international media has published that the games had almost no one watching. 

Iphone 6SE + VSCOcam


At the end of the match I managed to re-enter the Stadium and took some amazing pictures with the empty seats. <3

Another one, this time Pano! 

Iphone 6SE + VSCOcam

Around Brasilia

Fujifilm XE-1 + 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2.0

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Fujifilm XE-1 + 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2.0 and 18mm f2.0
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Iphone 6SE
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